Thursday, October 16, 2008

Looking back

Just thought I would add some fun pictures of the boys' over the years. The boys at 3 months old, 1 year old, and 2 years old. Check out the next posting to see all the birthday fun we had when they turned 3 on monday!

Birthday Boys

Ethan and Kaden turned 3 on October 13th, we had so much fun. I took them to the zoo and it was a perfect day (blue and sunny... thank you Colorado!) hardly anyone was there, that is the pic of the boys and I on the carousel, was so glad a friend called to go, because I wasn't sure what to do with them during the day to celebrate the birthday. Then back at our house the boys and I decorated with balloons and I got a cute "Car's" banner and hats. Then Justin picked up pizza( both of the boys LOVE pizza) and I made some crazy cakes. Kaden blew out the candles like fifty times because Justin kept lighting them. Ethan blew his out in a cool way, we got an innovative button that we hooked up to a fan and when he pushed the button the fan turned on and blew out his candles. Then we opened gifts, the boys got toys and lots of chocolate cake! The picture of Kaden in his pj's and his party hat was classic, he would not take the party hat off and he wanted a picture of him in his pjs with the party hat, so thanks Kaden for that classic, darling picture pose.