Saturday, September 26, 2009

The HUGE belly

So I have actually really enjoyed being pregnant despite the continual nausea in the morning, I have just really been grateful to make it so far.  I am about 35weeks now.  Justin has had an amazing schedule, home on weekends, going to church as a family, can't ask for more than that.  Right now Justin is applying for jobs in Internal Medicine the position is called a hospitalist.  He has four job offers and so now we just have to figure out which one.  3 are in the denver area and one is up in Loveland, colorado.    So that means next year July we are officially done with the medical program stuff!    Ethan is in preschool four days a week 1/2 day, he is really enjoying it and learning a lot.  Kaden is in twice a week for just a couple hours but he absolutely loves it and is also having a blast learning.   So that is it, just excited to see our baby-to-be and hope that everyone is doing really well Happy Fall!