Friday, November 13, 2009

So let's see more details... Had a VBAC loved it, much better than the c-section, but I did have a fabulous epidural that lasted the whole 13 hours of labor.  She weighed 8 1bs 13 oz, I would have posted her cute nude picture on the the scale, but I read an Ensign article from church about being careful what you post on the internet because it will be on FOR-EV-ER and your kids might be extremely embarrassed later of the pics you posted of them.    Anyway we stayed a couple nights in the hospital, we have great supportive friends that watched the boys.  Of course the night before we were coming home Ethan had to go to the ER for a quick visit for his breathing... scaring my friend and just added to the fun and chaos.  He is fine, just needed some medication.  Anyway my parents came for a week and they are always so helpful and wonderful, I definitely feel the after affects of the baby were more painful then the delivery (with the epidural).   Anyway nursing is soooo much better then pumping.  Also, bringing Lizzy home from the hospital I felt like I was stealing her because of all the time the boys stayed in the hospital it just didn't feel right, but of course it was and has been so fun being a regular mom and baby combo.  Thanks for all the congrats we feel so blessed, and the boys do love her, Kaden calls her a cutie and Ethan watches very closely as to what I am doing with her.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

She's Arrived!

Elizabeth Anne Tanner arrived November 1st, we just love her and are having a blast with her.