Monday, January 19, 2009

Ethan attempting to say "MOM" as a first!

We are doing fantabulous--- Justin is home!!!! Although he has to study for boards and is doing research, he is home, breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! We have had so much fun, just being together! Top picture is ET eating mac and cheese, second pic is Kaden finally getting his Christmas present from us about a week after Christmas, nice parents huh? The next two pics are the zoo, I took the boys on Saturday while Jusitn was doing some practice tests. The weather is gorgeous, and I just love the zoo with the boys, Kaden can run, Ethan gets to soak up whatever he can in the animal atmosphere and I get to walk around and look at cool animals and beautiful trees and always the big blue colorado sky! Let's see I am reading Sense and Sensibility right now, I am a huge fan of Jane Austen books and any movies made from her books, I have almost read all of her works, but htis is one I have seen the move about 7 times and never read the book, and I am relishing every moment of the book. I know, I am crazy, but I can't help myself I am a sucker for romance and old english writing. The cool things the kiddos have done this month is that Ethan actually is saying Mom, every day and he gives kisses to me and Kaden all day. The video is him attempting mom but now he says Mom all day long, very clearly and directed right at me! He has never said much of anything so this is super amazing! Kaden is like a little chatter box, asking my why about everything and I am super fast about answering. Today I spent 1 hour putting Kaden in time out for hitting me when he didn't get his way....that was way fun, oh, and Ethan's physical therapist was here watching the whole thing!