Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Boys turned FIVE this week and I am so happy for them they had a great birthday! Kaden got his dreams fulfilled...friends, bakugon toys, a pillow pet, guns, and a pinata party! Ethan was a little scared of the pinata..note to self don't do pinatas for Ethan.. but he loved the hotwheels car ramp, ball, radio, and friends got him a super sweet machine gun that he sleeps with and wakes up with. I feel like its been 20 years since I had the boys but it has only been 5, crazy. Anyway I am a little sick with a cold, the house is a mess and I have to stop being so lazy and get back to work, I will start tomorrow as Mondays tend to push you into doing things you really don't feel like doing. I will post some pics of the birthday when I get another second.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lizzy's photo shoot (a.k.a. our fun after church taking pictures of lizzy)
The butterfly pavilion- first trip to somewhere fun with all three by myself-- went pretty well
The right is Ethan's new kid walk to the left Kaden's favorite thing--playing in ET's wheelchair
Lizzy is 4 months old and she is getting big so fast, she is darling and if it weren't for her little blow-outs three times a day I would say she is the perfect baby :) Kaden is enjoying the lovely denver weather by going to the park with his little buddies. Classic phrase this week would be when he told Justin and I to choose the right when we were bickering... love it! Ethan got a walker and loves it. He is able to stand up at the kitchen table and walk when pushed from behind, he is saying "out" and "more" and lots of other words, kind of hard to understand but heck he is trying. Justin is working hard, but kind of a chill month this month he will be done with residency July 1st. He got a job in Wheat Ridge as a hospitalist (adult medicine-- only works in the hospital, no clinics and they do shifts about 12 hour days, 15 days a month) I am busy cleaning up blow outs and feeding children, besides that I get to go to an occasional girls night make a fool of myself and call it a night. I am also reading Alice in Wonderland recommended to me by a great friend and I have to say it is just as crazy as can be.. I am enjoying it. An old friend moved back in the neighborhood and it has been so nice having her and her family back. Blessed to have my family and the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. We are taking Ethan to see an orthopedic specialist at Shriners about a hip surgery that we were told Ethan needs but we wanted a second opinion. So if Ethan needs this its going to be miserable for all parties involved... so we shall see. That sums up the blah blah blog of the tanner family for the last couple months. Have a great week and hopefully it will warm up and be nice wherever you are!