Saturday, May 23, 2009


We have definitely had a miracle. So Ethan continued to struggle breathing for a month. He has had a really hard time since they closed the trach hole(hole in his neck). On Thursday he was looking bad working really hard to breath. So I took him right in. They admitted him to the hospital and the surgeon was about 90% sure that they were going to have to put the trach back in. It was just not working, the poor kid could not breath. Justin and I were devastated. Putting the trach back in ( its a plastic peice that would go into his neck to help him breath, he had this for 2 1/2 years, it is hard on Ethan because he can't really make noises with it in, its difficult to eat with it in, and for me its like adding 10 times the work, it requires suctioning, more medical equipment, emergency equipment) would be taking leaps backwards for Ethan. So Ethan has had multiple blessings this month and Justin said he felt that things were going to be okay, but Ethan was obviously having breathing issues, but we knew Heavenly Father can make anything possible. So the surgeon took him back into surgery . We were really depressed and I was really shaken up about having the trach back in our lives. So as we were desperately praying in our hearts that by some miracle they would not have to put the trach back in, the Dr called the waiting room. Justin was talking with him and Justin was not jumping up and down, but he wasn't looking extremely sad. Then he looks over at me and mouths "no trach"!!!! Holy amazing!!! I couldn't help but cry I was so excited! The surgeon came out and showed us the pictures of Ethan's airway. There was a huge piece of scar tissue that formed right after they closed the hole in April and the doctor said he could remove it easily. The scar tissue was pretty much taking up his whole airway. So he is recovering in ICU today and Justin is there with him. My sweet parents came up to help us out and we are just overjoyed that Ethan does not have a trach at this time. This really was a miracle, the doctor was really shocked himself, anway had to share this fabulous news at 730 am this morning, its basically like Christmas to Justin and I.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home again Home again!

Well Ethan and well Justin or I spent a week in the hospital.  Ethan came home yesterday,  he is breathing much better but still not perfect but i feel he is doing better then when he first came home.  So now the plan is to wait and hope that he doesn't get sick and hopefully they won't have to put the trach in.  Which means i have to keep Ethan at home away from people.  I feel like I haven't been to church in forever which I hate, but its kind of the way it has to be, between my sick kids and me still feeling sick!  Hurling at the hospital was a new adventure.  Anyway at least my house stayed clean while we were in between home and the hospital.  And a major bonus was Justin actually got work off....never has happened!  They have been so understanding and nice about Ethan being in the hospital.  Anyway that has been such blessing to me, I would seriously be broken if he were not home this week.