Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is really hard to write but I know some nurses in Ohio look at this blog and I just want them to know what has happened. Our beautiful little boy Ethan passed away January 22, 2011. He was doing really well and had had a great life considering all his health problems and physical handicaps. He started having some airway issues and lots of seizures in December. He passed away in the middle of the night from most likely seizures at home, unexpectedly. We are devastated and trying to piece our lives back together, although it will never be the same without our little red head. Kaden talks about Ethan everyday and misses him so much. Lizzy uses Ethan's sign that he used when his feelings were hurt. We never taught it to her, so its so sweet she picked it up from him. Ethan was doing so great before December, he was walking in a walker, signing and talking so much more than he ever had. He was in preschool had friends there that treated him like a little boy. We just bought a house that was one level and put wood floors in for him so he could wheel around the house and he used his walker all the time in it. He had amazing therapists, he was in horse therapy which he loved and helped him, and we had just got this cool computer that he was using to say more words for him then he could say. We miss him so much. Thank you to the nurses that helped get Ethan to the point where he was at because he really enjoyed life in his last couple of years- swimming, biking, playing soccer in his walker, and just having him be able to do things that were as close to being a normal kid as possible. This video of Ethan was of his last week with us and this is the first time he walked in his walker without anyone pushing him from behind, my mom always said he would walk and i guess in a way he did.


Rachel B. said...

Annie, thank you for sharing this. Such a sweet post. The video of him walking is absolutely precious! What a treasure to have. We love you and your family and also miss sweet little Ethan. We're so glad we were able to know him. Love you!

The Mattinson's said...

Annie, I love that little guy! I love his laugh in the video it is totally his personality to just laugh and love life. He will be missed. I hope you know what a great woman you are and a great mom you are!!